The consortium of VirtuEu consists of 9 HEI’s from Albania, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Portugal

University of Aveiro

University of Aveiro is a young university, founded in 1973, with more than 16,000 full-time students (graduate and postgraduate). The academic community further comprises around 1,800 teaching staff and researchers, and around 900 technical, administrative and managerial staff. The University has a strong research profile, a unique model of governance (16 Departments, 4 Polytechnic Schools and various training centres), acting as a regional network for education and training while promoting strong links with the surrounding community, and is a pioneer in launching degrees in new subject areas.

The International Business Public College Mitrovica (IBC-M)

IBC-M excels as a leading higher education institution in Kosovo, blending European-style education with German-accredited degrees, English-language instruction, and a globally oriented academic community in Mitrovica. Specializing in Business, Technology, Management, and Social and Environmental Sciences, our focus on research and practical teaching meets both regional and global needs. Committed to European standards, our quality education prepares students for careers in international and EU contexts, enhancing professionalism and ethics in Kosovo. Recognized for academic excellence, strong graduate employment, comprehensive internships, and diverse development programs, IBC-M is the top choice for students seeking a world-class education. Vision of IBC-M is to be a leading college in Kosovo, offering accessible, high-quality education and promoting socio-economic integration and excellence in a diverse setting while mission of IBC-M is Delivering academic excellence through the “theory to practice” model equipping students with knowledge and skills demanded in nowadays local and international markets. Our values Our values are reflected in our commitment to: academic excellence; International experience and mobility; the highest standards of scientific and professional integrity; enterprise cooperation and innovation; enhancing students’ career development; fostering diversity, equality, inclusivity, and accessibility; and maintaining and adopting the most inspiring working environment.


EUROPAISCHER VERBAND BERUFLICHER BILDUNGSTRAGER (EVBB) e.V. contributes its vast network and experience in promoting quality and innovation in VET across Europe. As a key partner, EVBB facilitates the exchange of best practices, contributes to the development of the common training framework, and engages in activities to enhance the digital and pedagogical skills of VET staff.


Kolegji Profesional i Tiranes – KPT

The Professional College of Tirana (Kolegji Profesional i Tiranes – KPT) stands as an institute of higher education in Albania, providing two-year professional study programs that correspond to Qualification Level 5 of the Bologna System. Embracing a proactive approach, the institution continuously updates and modernizes its programs to reflect evolving trends in the labor market, encompassing areas like innovation, digitalization, and renewable energies. This strategic adaptation ensures graduates are equipped with the latest skills and knowledge required for success in today’s dynamic workforce.

Equipped with the news laboratories and technologies, KPT fosters immersive, project-based learning across various disciplines including ICT, digitalization, energy efficiency etc. These state-of-the-art facilities not only facilitate practical experimentation but also provide students with hands-on experience vital for their professional development. Accompanied by a dedicated faculty staff, the college delivers exceptional teaching and learning experiences.

Additionally, KPT places a strong emphasis on student support services, offering counseling and career guidance to ensure each individual is well-prepared for their transition into the workforce. With a vision to lead in vocational education and contribute significantly to Albania’s economic growth, KPT remains committed to delivering high-quality professional study programs that meet the evolving needs of society and the economy.


The University “Mediterranean” Podgorica is distinctive in its person-centred and career-focused approach to education and teaching, and its commitment to shaping a better world. The institution is very committed in providing optimum balance of theoretical and practical learning.   Renowned for immediately relevant research and innovation, University Mediterranean has widely recognized expertise in information technologies, visual arts, tourism, hotel management, business, law and foreign languages. Since its foundation in 2006, the University is com-mitted to enhancing the quality of studies in a systematic and organized manner in order to be modern, flexible, comparable, competitive and efficient. With the main focus – to invest in young people & to strengthen their leadership and deci-sion-making capacities through different educational programmers, as well as with the internationalization of the institution, the University Mediterranean Podgorica is active in   developing new programs to suit better future careers. In line with these efforts, University is active in updating new DL -distance learning systems & platforms, and in adapting new curriculum based on digital communication. Due to the fact that more digital skillset is requirement for the high percentage of online jobs, University Mediterranean is active in establishing good practices. 

University Metropolitan Tirana

Established in 2010, the University Metropolitan Tirana is a forward-looking institution, that places education at the core of sustainable economic and social development. Comprising three faculties Engineering and Architecture, Computer Science and IT and Economics, UMT is dedicated to nurturing young professionals who not only meet market demands but also play a strategic role in fostering economic growth. UMT actively contributes towards this goal thought the implementation of national and international projects within its areas of expertise. By cultivating an environment that brings together academia, researchers, professionals and students, UMT aim is to foster an evolving process of success in tackling scientific and professional challenges.

European University of Tirana

European University of Tirana is a leading university and research centre in Albania, established in full compliance with the criteria of the Bologna Charter, including study programmes in the three levels of study: BA; MA and Doctorates. UET engages in high quality teaching and research as well as exchange programmes and capacity building projects with local and international partners in the following major disciplines: economy, finance, business, law, social sciences, political sciences, and communication, information technology, architecture, engineering and technical medicine.

UNI - Universum International College

UNI – Universum International College powered by Arizona State University is a higher education institution that offers Bachelor and Master studies. It is accredited by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency and has received the highest rating from international accreditation experts. UNI – Universum International College is known for the qualified academic background, research spaces and international experiences offered to students and academic staff. The mission of UNI –Universum International College is to support our students to become good citizens, successful & broad-minded leaders and thrive in the Revolution 4.0, the digital and globalized era.

We do this by providing one-on-one academic & life coaching, putting our students and learning at the center in an innovative, digitally enhanced environment that fosters creativity, inquiry, teamwork, innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets. Our commitment with quality, teacher excellence and applied research builds the bases for a strong and vigorous nation and region.

Metropolitan College

Metropolitan College (MC) founded in 1982 and it is the largest private educational organizational group in Greece. It is recognized by the Greek Ministry of Education and the British Accreditation Council, having established a great number of collaborations with UK and other European Universities.
MC’s philosophy is that a distinguished academic experience should offer students a rich, rigorous, multifaceted, and diverse educational environment, preparing them to thrive in our ever-changing and digitized world. In particular, the vision of the college is to provide transformational education to its students, build professional character ethos and create life-long intellectual passion.

Albanian University

Albanian University is a non-public University registered initially on 10.04.2004 as “UFO Dental” later “UFO University” and currently “Albanian University”; latest positive Board Accreditation Decision No.  55 on 26thMay,2023 extended in four years.

Albanian University (AU) is part of “UFO ltd” established on 25.05.1994 and registered at the National Registration Centre, with unique identification number J82025002B.

Upon Decision No. 597 of the Council of Ministers, dated 28.05.2009 the name of non-public university “UFO dental” changed to “UFO University” and upon Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 603, dated 24.08.2011 the name of the private university “UFO University” was changed to “Albanian University”.