Welcome to VirtuEU
Virtual Exchanges of Active Citizens
Welcome to VirtuEU
Virtual Exchanges of Active Citizens
Welcome to VirtuEU
Virtual Exchanges of Active Citizens

Our Vision

VirtuEu is a Virtual Exchange program that unites young people across borders, ensuring inclusivity by overcoming barriers that might hinder participation. It aims to engage over 2.500 students of HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) from EU State Members and Western Balkan Countries in activities that will promote active citizenship and civic participation. We believe that by working together, sharing insights, and learning from each other, we can achieve greater impact than any of us could alone. Our project is built on a foundation of mutual respect, open communication, and a shared commitment of empowering the target group and make them more active in civic participation.

Empowering civic engagement

The “Virtual Exchanges of Active Citizens” initiative stands at the forefront of the citizenship participation skills and opportunities. Born from the collective vision of experts in Europe, our project is a beacon of innovation, aiming to profoundly improve the sense of belonging to a community, and explain how young people can use their voice to participate as citizens.

Mission and goals

The primary goal is to empower the youth with the skills, knowledge, and a sense of identity that will not only make them active citizens but also boost their employability prospects.

In particular, the VirtuEu project aims to:

A strong cooperation

The consortium of VirtuEu consists of 9 HEI’s from Albania, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Portugal, as well as an umbrella VET (Vocational Education and Training) organisation EVBB which will also guarantee the participation of young students from other European countries.

This consortium is the result of a dynamic community comprising partners from Europe and abroad, boasting extensive experience and expertise in civic participation. Our partners encompass educational institutions, such as powerful Universities, and educational experts. Despite our diversity, we share a collective ambition: to improve skills following the digital era and to foster European citizenship.

Join us on this journey to empowering citizenship by Virtual Education!


The VirtuEU project’s consortium is a vibrant community of partners from across Europe, 
each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise in education.

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